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I like that one, but it's lots of short tracks. I dunno how it would go over as an introduction to them.


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I dunno Version's really let me down this thread, "work chronologically," OK buddy. Really, my respect for him just keeps plummeting.

Whereas you Linebaugh have told me some favorite tracks that also represent formal bookends of the artist's style!


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Acker/Wark's I'm Very Into You. Hatred of Capitalism probably, though I haven't read it.

Looks like Gamer Theory's actually HUP.

Is Testo Junkie Semiotext?

It seems like a lot of times, they weren't actually there for the core/big works of whoever. They publish the letters, the tape diaries, b-sides, assorted odds and ends, essay collections. But not the big books by the thinkers they publish.


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@poetix you get a compliment in Gus' book

When it comes to the ‘way of thinking and existing’ stu , I think there’s still a place in my heart for the sort of hyper-foundationalist Paul Christiano type of reasoning and discourse. What I dis- like is the <em>SSC</em> thing of, take some anecdotal evidence for <em>y</em>, now construct a grand uni- fying theory of the social world based on <em>y</em>. I get enough of this shit being continental social theory adjacent! And the good continentals are much better at it! <em>Ribbonfarm</em> is pretty cool, but, I swear, most <em>Ribbonfarm</em> posts I’ve read would in fact be way better if they drew on existing continental social theory vocabulary and reference points. I think really the rise-to-visibility of hardcore techie nerds with hardcore con- tinental background, like Lucca Fraser and Dominic Fox, made a lot of the nerds-rebuilding-a-continental-social-the- ory-analog stu I associated with the ‘post-rationalist’ scene feel very rudimentary. </p><!-- /wp:paragraph -->

That's Peli Grietzer! I sort of remember him saying that, but also, it just sounds like him (plus, he's one of the few people who might have an opinion about such things who knows who both me and Lucca are). A quick google reveals the source:


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Peli Greitzer is always talking on Twitter with a young lad I talk to on the JH Prynne fan club page called Sam WK or something