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I'm not really into the Eurythmics at all even in terms of high-budget 80s synthpop

but their first record was produced by Conny Plank at the same time he was producing DAF

Robert Gorl plays on it, as do none other than Jaki Liebezeit and Holger Czukay, and Stockhausen's son Markus

it's kind of post-krautrock meets new wave, definitely a bit off Sweet Dreams etc

on the Old Gray Whistle Test with the man like Czukay on French horn (and a surprisingly ripping flute solo from Annie herself)

anyway, that's the DAF-Eurythmics connection
Yeah I was interested in that record since I first heard (of) it. I'm always fascinated by naff bands (or bands who are perceived to be naff) doing something good or collaborating with someone good etc In fact I think I started a thread on the subject once.
This krautpunk banger from Robert Palmer is a good example.

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I still can't beat Strapped by Edna

I've been reading some stuff about that song. Apparently it was inspired by some graffiti on a toilet wall that said "Whip me, beat me, call me Edna" and they banged it together in a about an hour.
I'm always confused/intrigued by the line

Burn my hair I like that action
Make me look like Michael Jackson
Also, there is some famous story about it where a radio station announced a ban on the record - but a DJ locked himself in the studio and played it continuously all day. In the end I believe it turned out to be an advertising gimmick or something.
Anyway, if I put my mind to it I'm sure I can come up with some sex dungeon stuff inna EBM style. Gimme a minute.


yes this is all good but what about the Carry On Up The Sex Dungeon vocals?
I actually started thinking about this just now... to be honest it's more the preserve of electroclash I reckon. Silver Screen being the kind of template that so many imitated.
Here's a (recent-ish - well, you know, not from the 80s) minimal synther that fits the bill