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Maybe the schizo factor involves a certain rhythm or regularity of reality breaches.

dereify: (transitive) To cause no longer to be a single coherent entity; to cease to treat as a recognisable "thing".

I also had a thought about parallax, riding in a car the other day. The hills are of one scale, and the sheet of clouds behind them another scale, and so the passing by of the former is faster than the latter.

Perhaps this kind of stratified scale can be implemented into some kind of consciousness framework. Using "consciousness framework" as perhaps a more useful term than "ideology".

Difference in consciousness framework dually alters both ones reality and ones identity, seeing as those two things are defined circularly.

This difference can be genetic, or it can be experiential. We are a distribution across the metric of possible consciousness frameworks, possible psychic permutations.

Arguably, the psyche arose to administer the organic machine, its roots, and to push into higher orders of physical complexity, orders that begin to operate non-locally and immaterially, as in the digital.

constant escape

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Higher order does tend to mean lower resolution. We do not consciously process every chemical reaction that occurs within the organic machine, and yet we find ourselves in an executive role, wherein certain decisions we make can disrupt, optimize, or destroy those reactions.

Our toolset is optimized for a higher order, arguably because of the sheer amount of space it would take to produce a consciousness that fully integrates every order of the machine's operations.

Unless I'm unknowingly simplifying things, physical autopoietic machines have had over 13 billion years to assemble themselves, moving into and beyond the biological.

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Co-optimization could perhaps be a useful concept. Optimizing the interoperability between two given systems, optimizing their relation so as to maximally preserve their respective potentials, their individual optimalities.

But a linkage of two systems is the beginning of the formation of a higher order system. In this sense, a network of eight billion systems is much, much more than the sum of its parts.

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Similar to how an individual psyche can retrace the collective psychic evolution, for a historic calibration, perhaps the same effort can be made for a cosmic calibration, retracing the evolution of matter as it reaches the human brain, and then attempting to bear all that complexity in mind.

But several orders of physical organization would need to be held in mind, and that is perhaps what a parallax reality would feel like, with various degrees/timescales of change across various orders of physical complexity.

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Second order cybernetics is important because, if properly handled, it may be able to account for the infinite recursion entailed by a subject reflecting upon the system in which they are enmeshed. This kind of recursion is arguably the reason for any exponential increase in physical complexity, resulting from the behavior of conscious agents.

That is, things become much more unpredictable, from a physical perspective, when we factor in conscious agents who are able to ad hoc reorient the very systems in which they are enmeshed, the systems that inform them.

Don't know how well second-order cybernetics has been elaborated, but the difference between

A) first-order
B) second-order

would be like the difference between

A) a TV monitor displaying the room in which it is mounted, but not displaying itself
B) a TV monitor displaying the room in which it is mounted, including itself, resulting in an infinite recursion, virtually infinite complexity.

That said, it should still only be a matter of working out the proper formulae. The difficulty in working through a second-order cybernetics is that any change in your perspective is also a change in the system, any update to your formula is an update to the system. Only in first-order cybernetics is the formula transcendent from the system, and the system independent of the formula.

edit: the TV recursion wouldn't actually be infinite, only infinite in principle. Information loss would gradually truncate the recursion.

constant escape

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Some thoughts on retrocognition, a potentially lucrative psychic practice.

I've mentioned it before. in terms of rewinding your chain of thoughts, back to some logical junction, and then taking a different trajectory/road.

But the emergent result of this seems to be a gradual attainment of a higher order mode of being, from which level you do not merely hurdle through involuntary realities, but can strategically and artfully combine and weave realities. Each reality is a perspective of the meta-reality, the shared reality.

Retrocognition might not only let you stretch your reach in terms of navigating physical reality, at finer orders, but it may also allow you to stabilize the flight of your craft enough to grant you a higher order perspective. In fact, these are both articulations of the same function/development.

I've only felt the trickle-down influence of Gurdjieff, read some number of translated quotes, but from what I infer he seems to be describing a project that may be complimentary to the one I am generally describing.

He seems to be describing a gradual increase in self-awareness, a climbing out from a trance of unawareness, a sort of manic somnambulism wherein our attention is relentlessly pushed around by the phenomenal world.

I've also mentioned how this kind of sleeping state is paradoxical, because it also exhibits a sort of restlessness as its baseline, too swept around to even know that a footing is possible.

Anyway, this kind of project could be integrated, perhaps, into the kind of project I have in mind. Or perhaps the latter could transform to subsume the former.

Also, I have begun to consider Laruelle's project of non-standard philosophy, which again I have only sped through and gotten some gist of, as a sort of systematization of distinguishing between map and reality.

The "principle of sufficient philosophy" seems to describe a sort of unconscious rationale that naturalizes every addition to the map, confusing it with the territory at every step.

And wouldn't you know it, the manner in which this unconscious rationale would be unearthed and inhibited is by exercising retrocognition, by re-tracing the map the you unconsciously glue to the floor as you move, and rigorously peeling it off and leaving it floating above.

A slow weening off of your sleep-homebrewed koolaid, a slow detachment from your reality, but supplemented by an incremental understanding of meta-reality, so as to attain a sort of meta-stable (and even functional!) pseudo-psychosis.

Psychosis here defined as within the reference frame of normality, a (not the) hegemonic fitness that pathologizes everyone standing out of the bounds it determines.

But remember: if you're reading it, speaking it, or even thinking it, it's a map. All of the above is in the interest of ever more effective heuristics, ever more robust maps, infinitesimally closing in on reality.


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Yeah I've been thinking about this, the debris of bad ideas just litters and infects your mind, it's one of the biggest limitations on clear though

constant escape

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Yeah it can be exhausting, but it can be practiced, and it seems to be useful.

And the debris point: yeah it can be like you are bound to some arbitrary junk trajectory, that you feel is junk but you can't seem to bust out of it. And more and more of your energy goes toward defending/reenforcing junk, but its junk that you're riding on.

So in a strange way, retrocognition will improve your ability to screen for junk, and getting better at screening the junk ought to make retrocognition easier. In principle. Not sure if I'd agree with that, say, if I had to review it tomorrow. But a basic principle of exercise: the farther you push into exhaustion, the farther you'll get to push next time.

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It feels like I'm nearing an intensity within a primarily online, generational reality, wherein I'm excited to watch some porn video, but more excited to be done with it and watch a lecture on Deleuze. In a way that feels substantial, perhaps even empirical, if only I could go about testing such things. Could also be that I am losing interest in the former, be it relatively or absolutely.

Irrigation of libido, organization of libido qua fuel within a larger psychic machine. Ever more efficient maximization. A harmonization of conscious will with physiological machinery.

Not only may natural/default libido be maximized in its harvesting, but further libido may be cultivated willfully. Those mark the intensive and extensive dimensions, quality and quantity. A pushing-through past the bounds of exhaustion to expand them for the next run, and so on. An increase in territory, and by extension more resources. So to speak.

constant escape

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I think a concept that plugs into the retrocognition concept, is that one order their thoughts, perhaps even to words, in the interest of being able to reverse that order. That adds quite a bit to the workload.

I feel it more poignantly after smoking weed, for whatever that is worth. Perhaps I am just sensitized to it.

For something like retrocognition to be effective, one needs a discernible map of the flow of one's psychic being, as approximated by their thoughts.

Unless I am pervasively delusional, which I could perhaps be, this seems vital to the kind of psychic exercise required to operate orders of magnitude, combinatorically more extensive algorithms, more moves for more of a strategy.


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@constant escape

Read this earlier and thought of you,
2. the fundamental vector of progress isn't a moral, but a technical arc, starting way before humanity came into play, and extending ahead into vast tracts of unknown unknowns.

3. what travels the path of such arc is intelligence, abstractly conceived as negentropy. all cosmic history is the history of intelligence optimization into an asymptote.

constant escape

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Somebody's moving in the right direction. So much of the difficulty here is just language, semantics. How many times has my usage of the word "intelligence" tripped me up here? Several times with vim. If intelligence revolves around the ability to predict the future, as @suspendedreason talks about, then the human mind is rather late in the development of physical systems. Like billions of years late.

But it adds up. Every time I consider what I'm trying to articulate, it withstands well beyond any scrutiny I could offer. A totalizing experience, as @luka calls it.

But we're also taking about rates of rates of rates and so on, and I;m slowly starting to connect all of this to actual calculus. Once that happens, things should take off again.

Much of the actual effort in advancing this sort of theory can be thought of as a handling of the human cognition as a sort of crucible, which can be exercised to be able to withstand higher and higher magnitudes of volatility and production rates, so as to optimize processing capabilities. But man does it also require some safety protocols, shock absorbers, circuit breakers, etc, in the interest of preventing ultimate insanity.