The Madness of American Culture


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He's turned into one of my favourite authors, I've read all his books now. The only poor one is called 'the future won't be long', I gave up with that one.

Most recent one, 'only Americans burn in hell' is really good, very metatextual but good with it.

And he's done a really touching ebook about xxxtentacion.

Loads of good interviews with him floating round, including one with Alan Moore I think, cos somewhat bizarrely, he's a fan of this British comedian Stewart Lee, who is mates with Moore I think.

Runs his own publishing company and has published this book called 'death and facebook' by a sort of scenester London writer, iphgenia baal, but it was a big disappointing.

And he also reissued iain sinclairs first book, thd kodak mantra diaries, which is one of the best books I've read in last 5 years. Just amazing on a lot of levels.

Kobek is a proper hero.


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"But the rolling grasslands of the Amerixan west and south-west were a different matter. Roughly 11,000 years ago they were teeming with animal life - giant bison with a six foot horn-spread, towering beaver-like creatures called casteroides, camels, ground sloths, stag-moose, two types of musk oxen, several varieties of large, often lion-sized cats, mastodons and three mammoths, woolly, Colombian and imperial. Within a thousand years of mans large-scale arrival most of them were gone - including all the horses."