We were watching a Woody Allen film the other day and girlfriend was looking up something about him and she found this alleged Jewish proverb which might be relevant here, I think it was something like

"You must learn from the mistakes of those who followed your advice":

I'm certainly going to take full advantage of it. In the past I've never really given advice cos I don't really know anything about life or anything, but now I understand that I shouldn't have let that hold me back, I've actually wasted a lot of potential learning experiences. But no more, I'm gonna start authoritatively dishing it out willy-nilly from now on.
There's this girl who keeps asking me for investment advice cos I used to do option arbitrage twenty years ago, I reckon that might be a good place to start.


i sort of like that sub because i'm drawn to internet communities that aren't totally homogeneous, that have disparate demos living together in a chaotic manner. parts of 4chan used to be like that. the main groups on r/redscarepod, as far as i can tell, are:

a) people who are irl "cool" and live in the world this thread is about (probably only about 5 of them in total)
b) vaguely artistic people
c) incel cum town fans
d) 1st year college students who think they're smarter/better than their peers because they know about the culture of narcissism (none of them have actually read it)
e) middle aged, depressed, jaded former 2000s indie kids who come out of the woodwork to offer misguided life advice to the previous three groups
f) people who actually listen to the podcast (most of them seem to hate it)

...i did have a nice conversation about francois bayle and morton feldman with someone once.
I think you're one of the few who feels that way. People from groups b and f seem to be decrying the migration of those from group c into the sub. I think there's something to be said for smaller populations. As the size increases it often feels performative as people have to say and do increasingly outlandish things to get attention. The chaos is occasionally fun though


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why is there always a few dislikes in Flynt's videos about NY leftists?
who is he to new york? the tinfoil grandpa?