Boozer jukebox


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one night during the early grunge years, I remember some friends played "touch me, I'm sick" about 10 times.



First time I heard this was the Fifi cover in SLC Punk where Bob punches the mirror.
Had no clue about that cover version. Or even that film!

You nailed it earlier with Red Red Wine - seemed to be a symbiotic relationship between UB40 and South East London boozers in the mid-90s. This one especially reminds me of Sunday evenings at the Marquis of Granby, Amersham Arms and the one in Deptford I can never remember the name of...Richard Keys on the big screen, gabbing on about an exciting Millwall-Wrexham draw, with a curtain of fag smoke creeping over the entire pub, and then someone sticking this on the juke:



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The Birds Nest is the depressing horrible one in deptford id expect to see a scruffy anarchist like you in


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Last orders. A group of mates have just had a few brawl over the pool table list and are making up, buying J Walkers for every cunt and expressing how they’d all die for each other. You eye them warily, then this comes on

You finish your drink and they kick off again outside. Old fellas trying to break it up, then the police arrive and baton every cunt.