Yacht Fascism, 1980-86 (a playlist by Oliver Craner)

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Did we ever get round to asking what the modern Yacht Fascist soundtrack is?
Well the quintessential modern yacht (or super-yacht, rather) is owned by a Russian oligarch or an oil sheikh from the Gulf. So that should give a starting point.


bandz ahoy
Bourdieu's theory of cultural capital suggests that if you're rich as Midas you probably don't need to flex about your musical taste anymore and you can safely enjoy the music of Coldplay.

Whereas I'm relatively skint and I am compelled to listen to hideously atonal Miles Davis albums to raise myself out of the morass.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Some fucking Russian eurodance maybe

With a guy rapping in russian but with the voice of Pitbull?
That's starting to sound like hardbass, but that's going into squatting-Slavs-in-tracksuits territory, which only really works in a grimy, grey housing project in a decaying Russian city. An aesthetic that could hardly be further removed from "yacht".


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Oliver, are you moving into a defensive phase? i have just been talking about this to corsepy he was asking me whats eating you and i talked about the universal human rhythm or opening up expanding reaching out then getting burned hurt wounded and shutting down again


Beast of Burden
You can make your own playlist Corpsey, the key ingredients are YMO, Japan, Avalon, Boys and Girls and early Simple Minds.