Best rapper in the UK at the moment?


Wild Horses
If you want to access the national market you have to embarrass yourself.
They did a bit on Masterchef just now where the Jamaican guy rapped, It was excruciating. Greg and Monica were waving their hands in the air. I felt nauseous and fearful, and turned away.


is not like other people
anyone else getting spammed to fuck on face book with loki the scottish rapper? or is the idea that i might be into him a spectacular denial of the algorithm?


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Yeah it's the same but totally different. It's one of those tunes which is a genre all by itself. A direction which could have been taken but wasn't
the glide warps time and space. because of the expectation of downward pitch the glide gives a sense of reversal and a 3d enveloping anti gravity physicality. in the way that trap focused on stuttering time dividing hats and jungle tmestretch doing the same


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Well I have to admit actually I don't know what that word means exactly can you explain it please?
when the kick boom glides up and down to make a melody. Pitch bends. Switching from one note played alongside next with legato so you get a nice gliding curve
In trap I think. Corpsey and barty will know. You could obviously trace pitching 808s all through hip hop and electro but it got much more cartoon bendy baroque in the last few years