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email from the mighty Mugwump, pasting this here in case anyone wants to do something. broadcasts from Ray Cappuccino, Craner, Idlerich, anyone?

HI all
Once I decided to expand the station from 1/2 nights a week to what it is now, it also became a long-term goal for it to become something more of a cooperative.
I'm in a situation now where I'm ready to set that properly in motion.
So, if any of you are interested in being part of that and happy to dedicate some time to help make that happen then hit me back and I'll set up a zoom meeting and we can start looking at how we can make this work. It will need to be a regular (but not necessarily for that much time - it just needs to be a fixed frequency). As well as working on admin things that are already in place, do come forward with suggestions both practical and creative - if they're good ideas though please be prepared to take them on Imagine this as a blank slate - don't worry about anything that is already in place. And I don't have an ego about any of this - if you think things can be done better tell me - I'm all for it -
I would be really thrilled for any of you outside of the UK to get involved too - this is not a UK station but obviously because of time differences it's not always easy for me to put work into other countries so some help there on all levels would be appreciated.
So anything would be great but also looking for people to take a lead on a weekly newsletter, some promotional work, someone to manage pre-records etc.etc. All who want to join I would love for you to contribute curatorially as well. And I know a few of you out there have worked with or as parts of collectives and cooperatives currently and in the past so any advice would be appreciated. I don't even have one answer, never mind all of them.
I'm trying not to go so I'll stop now.
No need to acknowledge this - just reply if you want to get involved. I'll likely not respond back to you for a couple of days whilst I wait to hear back from everyone who is interested.
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I definitely want to be famous but I dont have any of the gear to do this nor does Craner. It's beyond our capabilities.


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I've got a Nokia. Barty might want to do something he's got all the gear. I'll ask him.


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Craner should read his erotic poetry over his Spotify OST playlist, minus the goblins


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I dont believe in just playing music no one should be allowed to do that. You have to make a piece of erotic theatre


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NICK EKOPLEKZ has jumped aboard :love:

Dear frenz

After 10 years of relentlessly releasing across various formats and labels, next year I have decided to release nothing at all! (thank fuck, they cry). Instead I am shifting to internet radio, with a monthly one-hour presentation of exclusive material on The Neon Hospice (


I haven’t actually released a vinyl album since 2017. All the labels I’ve done vinyl with in the past have either folded, stopped talking to me, or just want more of the old Ekoplekz sound. There have been a handful of cassettes, and this year I fell into the ‘Bandcamp Friday’ wormhole, self-releasing digitally to increasingly diminishing levels of interest.

Despite putting out four albums and an EP on bandcamp this year, I still have nearly 70 unreleased tracks recorded in 2020. I can honestly say I feel more creative and inspired now than ever. The music just keeps coming, more clear and future-pointed than ever.

Yet in a digital economy of massive over-supply, and without the heft of a ‘name’ record label to get the message across, it seems a bit pointless to keep bunging stuff out. Thankfully I don’t need to earn money from music, so I’ve decided to spare myself the further indignity of the Bandcamp Friday scrum. I am also continuing to avoid all streaming services from now on. Like I said I don’t need the money, but the payment structure is so ludicrously unfair to artists I can’t actually bare to muddy my feet in such crass exploitation. If only I could get all my back catalogue removed from Spotify. And Soundcloud is for kids, right?

So what next? Go back to just doing it for fun and my own listening pleasure? No, I think most artists would like to communicate to an audience of some sort, and I am no exception. Enter...


I have known Jonny Mugwump for years, and he was there supporting Ekoplekz right from the beginning. One of my earliest live performances was on his Resonance FM show in 2010, and the following year he was instrumental in getting me on the bill at Vortex Jazz Club (Dalston) and Unsound (Krakow). This year Jonny decided to start his own digital radio station, The Neon Hospice, and within a short time it seems he has established a solid weekly programme, all through sheer bloody-minded enthusiasm, hard work and barely any publicity. I have already done a couple of tentative shows for him, but from January I am committing to a regular monthly show called...


Do I need to explain the name? Aside from the fact this will be a glorified ‘sound dump’, it recalls the term ‘Landfill Indie’ used to donate a wave of sound-alike guitar bands a few years ago. In 2020, unsigned electronic music is so prevalent across soundcloud, YouTube, bandcamp etc that, regardless of merit, it’s pretty much all landfill, a brief moment of interest before moving on to the next link in your never ending media feed, and I acknowledge my own complicity in this. Self-depreciating humour has always been one of my strong points.

The show will be a one hour presentation on the last weekend of each month (exact day/time tbc). There will be no chat between tracks. Just a constant flow of elektronik rhythm and sound. I already have enough material for the first 6 months and more is always being created. The shows will be archived on the website so you can drop by for a listen whenever.

I have set up a couple of social media accounts which you may wish to follow if you feel so inclined..

Twitter: @landfilltronikz
Insta: landfilltronikz
I’m also on farcebook as me.

I’m trying to build up a little interest in the run-up to the first show so any help with spreading the word would be massively appreciated.

I am actually quite excited about this. It’s given me a fresh perspective on my work and how it will all fit together in a non-album format. Letting go of old obsessions with format from a physical business model has been very freeing and even revelatory. And whether I get 10 listeners or 100, it’s good to have something to work towards rather than just aimlessly kicking out the jamz.

Thanks for reading. Hope you all have a tolerably good Xmas and here’s to better days in 2021.

Nick (the artist formally known as Ekoplekz)

cc. K-Punk on the astral plain
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