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Can we segregate the English off pls. They have a tendency toward left hand path magic



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the dudes' daily after-school schedules in high school:

gus - 3 hours swim team, 30 min piano lessons (can be guitar lessons if he gets an A on his next calc exam), 2 hours model UN, 3 hours messaging cute girl in AP chem class about their homework

linebaugh - 5-10 hours at the local skate park, 1 hour working at hip coffee shop

stan - not sure but up to something with a quixotic yet diligent spirit


There is a mutual curiosity, isn't there?

We're mirror images of each other, only it's a distorting mirror.

Or perhaps it's all one way.
There in nothing worse than one side views someone or something else in this kind of way - joined for good or ill by an unbreakable symbiotic link - and the other truly isn't aware of the first guy's existence.

Particularly sad with enemies for some reason, like when football teams claim someone else is their local rival but they actually have a much bigger derby with someone else. Or come to think of it, when England keep trying to pretend that they have some sort of all encompassing rivalry with Germany, childishly making references to the wars and so on, when in fact, to them the English are just another game, more fodder to be efficiently mown down on their ruthless, jack-booted march to the final... fuck, even I couldn't avoid putting that even while complaining about people doing it.


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I tried to get Mvuent to hop over a fence but he just walked around it. Too smart for me... If a knob like k-punk could make it in blogging, you know that means bright things for a genius like Mvuent!!