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point taken but in fairness, the US population was 100 million in 1920, 226 million in 1980 and 331 million now.
Sure, but with a rise in the incarcerated population of four times since 1980 while the total population has increased by 50%, even a graph of the percentage of incarcerated would look pretty similar.


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I do remember "Where's your Winston, where's your Winston, where's your Winston Silcott now (Silcott now)?" being sung (not by me) in a certain Junior Common Room, followed by "in the slammer, in the slammer...". I think those singing were trying to drown out the college's one SWP member in a meeting. Disgusting behaviour. When the revolutionary councils invent time travel, they'll have to portal back to 1993 and machine-gun everybody present apart from the SWP member, who will be borne aloft and carried away to a struggle session so he can self-criticise for three hours about ever having decided to go to Oxford in the first place.


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Oh no! No no no no. I was already regretting starting an argument. I hate arguments.
REALLY GOOD IDEA FOR A THREAD. one person who has never read hayek and has no interest in hayek explains hayek
to another person that has never read hayek and has no interest in hayek


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and of course hayek doesnt matter except that his idea may by chance overlap with what a government wants to do at a particular point in time


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But I had read Hayek and Padraig hadn't. That didn't mean I was a cheerleader for him or that I was going to pretend to be an expert in economics.

This was a thread started in an ugly and mean spirit. Quite toxic. I still hate it.


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it was started in the spirit of de-mystification. i knew perfectly well neither you had read or understood hayek. that was the starting point


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Watched most of the first panel at the House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing on neurodegenerative diseases, and chairwoman Eshoo expressed something, regarding the development of ARPA-H, that I found somewhat reflective of the sort of state I think we are moving to, although it could well be active in ways I merely haven't noticed:

"Thats why I am pleased to be working with the Biden/Harris administration to create the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, ARPA-H. This new, independent agency will take on projects like Alzheimers and ALS, where the market has failed to invest due to risk, and bring new strategies and collaborations to our current siloed system."

The state can use its transcendent market position to complement/supplement otherwise natural market activity, a practice with a dubious history, no doubt. But I think a greater understanding of these things will yield greater insight into how they may develop, and which potential developments are worth willing on.

I would still like a greater understanding of the dynamic monetary base, and how feasible it is to sustain indefinite growth while also addressing public welfare. To be clear, I believe there is always a better answer yet unrealized, and that its just a matter of cleverness and information to realize it. Perhaps extraordinary levels of cleverness, but nevertheless attainable.