The Meaning of the '90s


Someone sent me a clip from the original Judge Dredd earlier and it's interesting how you can now instantly tell a film is from the 90s. (Or is that just me knowing it was from the 90s?)

In the 90s that style was invisible but it's becoming more and more visible with each passing year.

I probably couldn't describe it - it's the way it's filmed, the costumes, the dialogue/comedy style, etc.
If you watch a film from the 90s set in another era then there will be things that give it away as 90s, things they didn't remove cos they couldn't see them - they had internalised them I guess and took them as totally for granted. I suppose things like the way their hair was cut when they came into the studio BEFORE it was then given a 1730s (or whatever) makeover.


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Heard this on Radio 1 earlier and couldn't work out whether it was a 90s/2000s thing or something recent, turns out it came out about a month ago - sounds like Carly Rae Jepsen fronting The Breeders or something.



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the worst is that 99-millennium era. Leann Rimes - can't fight the moonlight etc. So cynically manipulative, the wedding song for boring couples. More hollow than any black metal. Of course that's why i like it in a perverse way, such a tawdry short cut to nihilism.
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america is having a dance music wave at the moment. feel like theres been an attempt to manufacture one for awhile but I think its real now


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Rave is when you have a lot of people who are new throwing everything they can out for a party and it works