Master and Commander: Far side of the world (2003)


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I've just finished reading the black jacobins and the main guy sent by Napolean to sort out the Haitians, LeClerc I think his name was...

He arrives with 10000 men and it starts off OK, with a victory over the main agitator, but then swiftly descends to chaos as the rainy season comes on and all his men get fever. There's loads of letters back to Napolean, increasingly desperate, none of them answered, and he dies before reinforcements arrive.


Well I ordered the first book from Amazon.... while I was looking for it I found this juicy looking tidbit so I chucked it in the basket too.



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I think there's some shagging the book, albeit "offscreen".

There's certainly more references to it.


Good to know the screenwriter is represented by Behr Abramson Levy just in case I ever need to sue him.


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I actually rewatched the first half of ... Far Side of the World last night.

He leaned across the table, he looked me straight in the eye, and he said, "Aubrey - may I trouble you for the salt?"