Locker room talk: rolling basketball thread


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how do you think he'll do as a top dog? or I guess co-top dogs with Randle

he's undoubtedly a good player and I like his game but he's also 6'1" w/o top-level athleticism or a Donovan Mitchell-type giant wingspin

a Brunson/Randle/Barrett core is pretty uninspiring - like a 7 or 8 seed at best

but presumably the point is to establish a level of consistency and basic competence to be able to attract marquee player in a year or two
pretty much. maybe barrett takes a small leap and randle returns to form and they could float around the 5 seed but that seems like the ceiling. Brunson I think is gonna do well in whatever situation because his game is dependent on difficult shots to begin with, though hes not gonna have the same space to isolate like he did with the mavs. But if im the knicks Im pretty excited at the prospect of having a non sewage gutter of a team to sell to potential free agents. A top level guy surrounded by randle brunson and barrett could be a contender.