Xmas Schedule for the Neon Hospice

Your alternative Xmas entertainment c/o Jonny Mugwump on The Neon Hospice

Tuesday 22nd
19.00 | Stagger Lee is buried in the snow behind the barn | Newcastle, UK
22.00 | Paul Bareham | Incrementalism #11 | Doncaster, UK

Wednesday 23rd
20.00 | Stewart Smith presents Jazz Police at Christmas (live) | Newcastle, UK

Christmas Eve
18:00 |Joe Maclaren | A Concrete Christmas | Preston, UK
20:00 | Stagger Lee’s Christmas Reggae Party | Newcastle, UK
22:00 | A Very Kenosist Christmas Mix | Newcastle, UK
23:00 | TVO | Drawing the Cards with M. R. James | Paisley, Scotland
23.30 | IX Tab’s SleepyTime Mix | Yeovil, UK

Christmas Day
15:20 | jonny mugwump addresses the nation | The Neon Hospice

15:30 | Stagger Lee presents Abigail's After Party | Newcastle, UK

17:30 | Daniel Baker | Hand Loom Lament Fistive Fifty pt. 2| Manchester, UK

19.30 | West Norwood Cassette Library presents A Christmas Mugplates | West Norwood, London

20:30 | Ekoplekz presents Protoplekz Vol. 3 | Bristol, UK

22:00 | Rein | Mix | London, UK

22:45 | DJ Sirius & Darktunes | Now it’s Dark: A History of Dance Music | Vienna, Austria
I hereby proclaim the 25th of December 2020 to be EKZmas Day!

At 8.30 in the evening I offer you 90 mins of Xmas-free entertainment in the form of Protoplekz part 3 (the final instalment), focusing on the music I was making in the early 2000s. It is very much in thrall to the electro-kraut sounds of Cluster/Harmonia/Neu/early Kraftwerk, and some of it might even pass for ‘lost’ recordings from that era, such is its dedication to following that template. Later, as Ekoplekz, I would find a way to harness those vibes into something a bit more contemporary but here it’s just pure homage. I am still fond of it all though.

Hope you will be able to listen in on the day at theneonhospice.com but if not it will be archived on the site shortly after.

Parts 1 & 2 (aired earlier this year and covering the more techno/ambient nineties era) can be found HERE.

904F755E-0F55-4B7C-9091-82D59E7B9E7B.jpegOk that really is all I have left to say, other than have a good one and see you in the new year.