Hardware Synths and Studio gear

Couldn’t find a thread on this so thought I would start one.
For the peeps who prefer not to work with software, what are you currently vibing off?

About me:
I generally stay in the sub-£500 market.
I don’t use a DAW.
I’m not keen on modular.
I work in a loose improvisery fashion.
The only software I use is Audacity for a little editing/mastering at the end.

Had a lot of time in my hands during lockdown periods this year and basically rebuilt the studio, selling a few things and buying more with the proceeds.

Really pleased with the current set-up. Everything complements each other and my working methods.

New synth that has really won me over is the Dreadbox Typhon with built in digital stereo fx by Sinevibes. Taking me into new areas.

New fx machine - Hologram Electronics Microcosm. Insane glitchy/ambient/looper pedal.

Not that new, but new to me...

Novation AFX Station (re-badged Bass Station II)
The ‘AFX mode’ (where each key becomes a different patch) is frankly a sensation.

Arturia Microfreak - took me a long time to get enthusiastic about this but, yeah, I love it. The onboard sequencer/arpeggiator functions are wicked. I still have my old Minibrute too which gets a lot of use.

Korg NTS-1. Tiny synth with a really special fx section. Love the reverbs and delays.

Bastl Kastle - my one concession to modular. Tiny hand held thing, quite limited but does some things that I really like.

Old faithful: I don’t really bother with drum machines and I find the Volca Sample gives me everything I need. Such a versatile bit of kit for the money.

Weird boutique pedal: the intensive Care Audio Fideleater. A chorus/vibrato that goes way beyond what you would expect. Truly insane. Built by some bloke in Hackney.


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Ive got the bass station 2 as well. I love it. the AFX update was like getting a whole new synth. And they issued it over 5 years after initial release! I like messing with the LFO trigger settings on perc like patches so they sound anew each time played. brings alot of life to the drum kit. Theres potential for chord memory there aswell as you can detune the bass oscillator but I haven't explored that too much.

I also have the roland botique reissue of the of the SH 101, notably different from the original in that it has 4 note polyphony.


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i recently picked up a Preen FM2 - lured in by the promise of being able to load different intonation patches BUT not that pleased with its tone.

favourite thing right now is Yamaha Reface DX. this is pretty much my whole universe now.

i have a big old SY99 - but generally can't be arsed with it

and a big old MPC 4000 (always wanted one) - but generally can't be arsed with it

and for FX the eventide H9 - that's a very cool bit of gear

still don't see myself making more music but as an alternative to listening to music footling around on a keyboard is fun