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I'm boiling a gammon joint in cider and saying "This is HAAAM STOCK, this is HAAAM STOCK!" like some kind of utter cunt.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Yeah, but specifically about ham stock.

Annoyed that my parents can't come over as they'd planned to. Was looking forward to taking the piss out out of my dad about Brexit and making loads of oblique digs about "roasting the gammon".
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this is crazy: it's our first Xmas at home, ever. usually travel every year to visit my or the wife's family. will miss seeing them, but not the hassle and expensive of holiday travel. think I'll take what I saved from international airfare, hotels, car rental, etc. and upgrade my stereo system, what the hell, right?

just us and the cats, lots of wine and food, looking forward to it.


I've done a couple of Christmases on my own before, so tomorrow shouldn't be too weird. And most family gatherings used to end in some row or another, with my oldest sister drinking too much and storming out crying, or my dad taking the dog out for a five-hour walk, anyway - so always saw the actual day as a bit of an arse-ache.

I've been lucky enough to wangle a work trip to New Orleans almost every December since 2011, and I did really miss that this year: the atmosphere of the big Xmas parade (especially if it coincides with a Saints home game) and the zydeco bars, Xmas decorations over the old French houses.



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I just took out red cabbage from the oven to give it a stir burnt my left thumb and forefinger absent mindedly taking the lid off, put my hand under the cold water while giving it stir. Then preceded to pick up the lid with my right hand and burn my right thumb and forefinger whilst still holding my left hand under cold water.


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Having a massive Bailey's, BBC Radio 3, carols from King's College chapel.

I got to outwit a health Nazi down the shops today. He was rendered speechless when I entered the store. Turns out there was a queue, which I blithely did not notice. "But you just walked into the shop, sir!" He sputtered eventually, to which I replied, a la Roger Moore, "as is traditional". He couldn't even.