Your parents on social media


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This is an uncalled for level of viciousness and must be concealing some wound or other


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Now I'm in the dumps. I can't read any of these books I got for Christmas. It's dark outside. I'm stuck here probably another month or two at least.


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I haven't started drinking yet, but I ate most of a tub of Cadbury Heroes earlier and feel really sick and dizzy now.


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Was going to do a Twitter spoof of the shit my Mum comes out with, ‘@Love, Betty’, but it sorta dematerialised into texts.

Typical tone observing Matt Hancock ‘he looks like a haemorrhoid with limbs’. My brother bringing a new gf home and when they both nipped out for a shared cigarette my Mum blubs ‘did he find her fishing in the bloody canal?’. Endless lists of disses. Watching rugby complaining about a certain female host (Sara Elgan Easterby) showing too much leg, ‘does she have no shame?’.

In public, similar statements can emerge a few decibels louder than you might feel comfortable with, constantly.


call me big papa
I've heard of people posting stuff their dad/mum says on a Twitter account before. Can't remember where. Maybe it's a famous account or something.