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Those blokes who are addicted to anime, and fantasise about squeaky-voiced catgirls who act like they're 11, are pretty sad. But my least favourite are the ones who go out to some island to teach English for a year, then come back full of samurai quotes and with the kanji for FREE (as in 'complimentary giveaway') tattooed on their foot, and can't shut up about 'Rashomon'.
Big crossover with the figure of the WMAD:


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@catalog That was a good article, thanks. I was shocked by the earthquake and tsunami, it was the biggest physical event in our lifetimes, and too often wonder about all those people who were swept away by that black oceanic indifference.
Looks like he turned it into a book



You don't really see poor people much either. Not saying they don't exist but maybe they keep them underground or far away from city centres I'm not sure.

David Peace wrote an essentially very depressing book about poor people in Japan after the war, sitting on rotten mats eaten rotten rice... and a serial killer involved somewhere too. No idea how accurate it is.

Tokyo Year Zero (2007) follows the investigations of a Tokyo detective in the aftermath of Japan's defeat in World War II. It is based on the true story of serial killer Yoshio Kodaira.[10] It is the first of Peace's novels to be set outside of Yorkshire and forms the first part of a trio of books on the U.S. military occupation of Japan. The second book, published in August 2009, is called Occupied City, a Rashomon-like telling of the Hirasawa Sadamichi case in Tokyo in 1948. The final volume of the Tokyo trilogy will be published in 2020.
As a separate stand alone novel, but set in Japan, Patient X, was published in 2018. Subtitled The Case-Book of Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, it follows the life of author Akutagawa from his childhood to his suicide in 1927, including his witnessing of the Great Kantō earthquake that devastated most of Tokyo and much of the surrounding region in 1923.


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What's the lower pic?