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He's a bit incelly isn't he. That nasal shifting tone, he's uncomfortable but also very eloquent and insightful. Like when he's talking about the masks and guises.

Clearly someone familiar with trying on different persons, so he foreshadows quite a lot of our "now" time.

I watched mishima years ago and seem to recall it's a bit of a mess, he has this way of trying to tell the story by smashing a traditional bipic together with sequences from the novels, so it's disjointed. Maybe better if you are already quite familiar with the work, which I wasn't.

Although I did go onto read 'confessions of a mask' but I couldn't get into it.

Mishima is probably someone worthy of revisiting.

Also Dick Cavett... I was watching the one with Cassavetes, Falk and Gazzara. And also the one with Scorsese and De Palma.

Maybe someone on here posted them?

Nothing startling, but he seems like a proper time capsule you could get lost in for a bit


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Cavett's my favourite of the talk show hosts. He's funny, but doesn't dominate and he had lots of interesting guests. The conversations are much more engaging than the stuff you get nowadays too. The audience aren't applauding every other minute and it all just feels a bit more real and less managed.