The NYE Thread


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@thirdform If i take a break in the summer to tangent/retrain, that will be easier to go deeper. There are limits if you’re responsible for a brood. Timing is as as significant as set and setting in the pre-trip routines and rituals to go that far.

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A small retinue of mdma, blotter to split but can see it going 2 thirds bias, 1500mgs of staggered edibles though and a comedown kit {mumble mumble}, showers in the early hours or not we we will be garden grooving in full explorer kit under the stars. Space pirates ahoy. one night only. Tremendous bedding, hug club day in. Jfc the timing. Had to get past Christmas first. New strains, vaccine, fun ride surfing the Covid waves

It’s been years, I used to be good at the full off-kilter alchemical ideal, seriously out of practice. This could get twisted..
I'm happy with the idea of there not being a life after death, but this gives me hope that there is such a thing, in the end, as drugs after kids.


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An entire pig is quite debauched.

I'm drinking prosecco and laughing at Luka's posts about killing Keir Starmer more than I should.

My daughter just told me to shut up cos she's trying to watch Peppa Pig.