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This is the opening scene of belly I think, directed by hype Williams.

very weird how in this scene from belly, hype williams has them switch gummo by harmony korine on. such an incongruous thing!!

hype knew his shit.

arthur jafa says hype invented the slow shutter speed thing that spielberg used in the opening scenes of saving private ryan, which won his cinematographer the oscar. hype williams was that DoPs assistant on a music video and showed him the shutter speed trick that he'd been using on all his hip hop videos (most famous eg is busta rhymes 'put your hands where my eyes can see').

compare and contrast:



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Rewatched Raw Deal last night and it was much worse than I'd remembered. There are some great lines, but Arnie's so wooden they don't really land. You get a lot of scenes of him trying to be slick with a suit and cigar and it doesn't work at all. They're just bizarre.