Pictures of Politicians

Of for fucks sake he's a YouTube grifter that's even better

Bet he eats red meat every day and does no wanks for a month challenges


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The Rose suit is a super villain suit. He's possibly a comic book fan. That’s the effect he’s going for, Trump is obviously a huge influence too


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He pulls it off though let's be honest. He's wearing the suit the suits not wearing him.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in London you have clout round here and dissensus backing him could very well swing it #BrianForMayor


I always that people who wear suits all the time make them less smart somehow. Like suppose you go to a wedding and everyone is in a suit, most of us look kind of uncomfortable and formal, but people who wear them all the time look more natural - so the former group actually look more dressed up and out of the ordinary.


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he looks a lot like the editor-in-chief from the daily bugle, the fictional newspaper from the spiderman movies.