Sonic sound Synthesis


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Tonight at 8 we inaugurate a new program on the Neon Hospice all about music made on modular synths.
Each week we will present recordings made by a top player of these strange instruments
For the first instalment we have Design a Wave of Alien Jams fame in a double bill with me aka Extractor Fan, with an interlude by co-compiler Drift of Signifieds.


dang it missed that entirely, will it be available on the i-woops e-player or similar?


is not like other people
yep it will all be archived in the neon hospice mixcloud megavault - plus the next episode coming this saturday, watch this space


is not like other people
no it's a lady from miami who is a top modular synthesist and very much inspired me to get into all that stuff


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howd you manage to get into modular woops? not to finger wag but its pricey and all I know of you is the homelessness.