Michael Mann


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I was watching a bit of China Girl the other night. There's this amazing song playing in the club at the start that hasn't been released anywhere. Some thing done for the film.




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film genius version wins again. this is supreme. love this leather jacket and blue jeans shit. best dialogue ive ever heard. totally generic.


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Never understood the mann-love. Yeah hes got his trademarks and a certain style which is like a cousin to Michael bay, except one is almost obsessively slick, one is excessively bombastic, but its all too sheened and superficial for me. Hes not got very much going on underneath that iirc. Sort of loveably dumb and maybe even naive in how he affects a certain idea of depth but its the work of someone a bit aspirationally deep. Thats a lot of 70s/80s american auteurs though. So ok yes i supose hes a Hollywood auteur but auteurs are overrated. Give me Soderbergh over mann.


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i do agree that @version has taste however I've noticed that his recommendations have a soporific effect. i watched heat this morning then had to go and sleep for 4 hours


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His tokyo vice series is now on iplayer/bbc1

Started this last night. Been wanting to see it for a while, but assumed we wouldn't get it in the UK as it's an HBO thing.

I think Mann only directed the first episode, but hopefully they keep the style. There's a bit where he films the main guy taking an exam like he's trying to crack a safe, close ups on his stern expressions, shaky glances at the clock.



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think i'll give this a go since i dont seem to be able to get out of bed
I think this is the first film where the phrase "I'm getting too old for this shit" was ever used.

Saw it once with a talk from friedkin after the film and he was on form, had everyone in stitches like a standup act. Kept talking about how he used all the counterfeit money from the film after they wrapped production