post the view from your window


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I went over to marzahn when i visited as a teenager cos i wanted to see the soviet flats. Had a rough feel, quite a lot of skinheads about. Dunno if its still like that.


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very much so, @catalog. not dangerous, but there's a vibe. i'm parked in a kind of between zone with not much residential around me. 15min walk and it's a sea of plattenbau aka tower blocks



Weather is weird here at the moment there was actually thick fog which I don't think I've ever seen here. Sometimes there is a slight mist in the very early mornings but never so dense and it never lasts until the afternoon. But then when it did finally evaporate around 3pm it was really warm, like t-shirt weather. You can feel summer trying to happen, it's gonna be 19 or 20 degrees tomorrow.




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Er, yes and no. From my window you can see the Tagus estuary which almost looks like the sea cos at this point it is 20km across and still salty and tidal and we do get jellyfish coming up from the sea (if you look at the picture I put on page two of this thread from a clearer day you get some idea of this although my camera is a bit crap). But to get to the sea proper you have to go down all the way to Lisbon and a few k past it where there are beaches which are technically beside the sea, but if you look at the map it's not the really the open sea until you reach Caiscais or whatever, it's more like a huge bay. Also we go to Sesimbra or Setubal sometimes which again are technically on the coast but if you look at the map, again it's really like a huge bay not the open sea.
Alternatively if I just drove straight west and went to Colares or Nazare (which is famous for having the world's biggest surfing waves) then we would be properly looking out from some of the most westerly points of Europe directly across the Atlantic to the US - looks like probably Georgia or South Carolina - and that's maybe 45km from us. So, in the grand scheme of things still close to the coast, though not right on it I guess.


(apologies it that's a tediously detailed answer)
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this is a holiday snapshot right? not your own place? :oops:
The midlands treat me well, what can I say. Paying 40% of what I did in New York, for twice the number of rooms plus the big backyard pictured. Exodus to the country! Start a cult where real estate is cheap and invite all your friends!


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it's breathtaking, and there's the veranda even! it looks like one of those mansions james bond would retreat to so he can heal his wounds and wait for his next mission objective.


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There are some other homes on the lake, you can sorta see in the picture distant lights and roofs, but we're in a marshland where you can't build sanitation tanks. So it's pretty empty around here, we have a rare patch of dry land on the corner of a friend's property. (A cranberry farm, hence why the marshes)


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Does - 24 bother you spenny or do you like it. Hot Summers tho as well tho isn't it?
Summers aren't so bad, it'll get up into the 80s, maybe 90s at points, but nothing extreme.

The winters are indeed brutal but the main problem is cars. Machines just don't run. Step outside with your smartphone it's dead in about 12 seconds or less. If you're bundled up, a walk isn't so bad. You do layers, I have a pair of long johns, then a pair of fleece sweatpants, then a pair of gortex pants to cover/protect from wind and snow. Up top, long-sleeve thermal, sweater, thick fur-lined jacket. Trapper hat or something on the head, throw in a scarf and good gloves, double socks, snow boots. Each layers gives you 15ish degrees more protection, so if you're properly bundled, -15 doesn't feel much different than 30F (0 C).

That said, we had temps of -40 and wind chill below -50 today. Apparently frostbite starts setting in after four or five minutes of exposed skin. Little gnarly. My partner Nico did a 3hr drive to the airport this morning, was a bit worrying whether her car would break down or.


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Yeah, I’ve driven around the South and down the California coastal highway, but I’ve not been to your bit.