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using the virus to destroy small business is another nudge towards feudalism. As you say it's about total dependence on the lords of the manor.
My dentist has apparently just been bought out by some big corporate operation. I hate these bastards.

constant escape

winter withered, warm
From 2017, I gather. Anything in this graphic significantly different today?


constant escape

winter withered, warm
What would a rent amount to in a thoroughly data-fueled economy? Perhaps like meeting quotas regarding the robustness of your digital footprint, quotas of data production?

It could also be socially operationalized, an operation of steering and enclosing individual life experiences with ever greater precision and depth. And subjectively this is experienced as a competition, an arena of influencers, The Hustle Zone. At the least, you will just be coerced into providing more data, even seemingly banal data. In any case, is as if the egos are becoming denucleated and spilling into one another. Some will learn to adapt, to harness the attention.

Only, we're well into it. Young people are effectively raised into this arena, and can casually document some portion of their life's vital social experiences. But I suppose we don't have the data-collection caliber for really maximizing this opportunity.

Wait a minute. You know who does? China.

That would mean china will be setting the tone. But still, I don't think anyone has gotten far enough. They need to get to the point when they are presented with higher data than they expected, not just more.

edit: disclaimer, a lot of the above needs a few more pinches of science, and a few fewer of gnosis.