Cat Malogen
Unearthed among too many releases in the attic to list following Kirk’s recent death. Not your typical Sheffield monster, it has all the melodic signatures of the man, then does a drop that’s set 90 degrees to everything that came before it (plus loads of reverb) before going Detroit



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just for historical purposes, a few minutes ago I posted a cynical criticism of xmas in song form , but goodwill got the better of me and I did a version and deleted it after 2 minutes - merry non-denominational holiday greetings to all humanity!


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I did my usual thing of doing any "winter holiday" shopping today, found a £20 note on the floor, immediately thought "it's not mine, I'll give it to the first beggar that asks", but the only one was some crackhead woman singing "I wish you a merry christmas", so I thought "fuck you, I'm keeping it" - no problem, one of my fake nieces will get it instead


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The problem with rum is that it generally entails drinking 2 litres of Coca Cola in a night


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I've been going through an existential crisis this Christmas and I'm not sure if I've overcome it via wisdom or by simply deciding (unconsciously) that I really can't deal with the truth of things and am back to being "well wadded" with stupidity.

Anyway, it's better to feel good than bad isn't it?