bandz ahoy
It's Monday morning, here's my first COTW!

SVGO - Time (2020)

It's a shame that I've picked a deep house track as my first COTW cos in principle I'd prefer it to be something much more exciting but I've listened to this quite a lot this week and I have a feeling it will be in my metaphorical personal favourites folder perennially.

I can't remember exactly how I found this now. I went on an exploration of South African house and ended up listening to stuff on the House Afrika label. Such as:

SVGO is one of the artists who's put out stuff on that label, and the number 1 tune on his Spotify profile page is currently 'Time'.

This tune is absolutely in my sweet spot for deep house music. Very simple, subdued, sort of melancholic, beats a little bit broken, jazzy chords.

I was at Freerotation once and Fred P played a set which was full of stuff like this. I was very high on MDMA at the time and also high on a new friendship group being formed and this music absolutely hit me in the FEELS. A similar experience happened at another festival where Jade Seatle played a garage/2-step set which was completely comprised of romantic, sultry, glowing tunes like 'We Can Get Down' by Myron. It's music that I think of somehow as 'red light' music. The zone where you're not rushing on pills, you've plateaued and you're happy to be there. You're probably smoking spliffs too. LA DOLCE VITA.

'Time' reminds me of another deep house favourite of mine, Moodymann's 'Misled':