Choon of the Week


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Occasionally even interesting stuff pops up on Radio 2. It must have been Jamie Cullum who played this. It was last year but made for an interesting 2 minute drive to the shop.



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Almost posted this in Choon of the Day, but realised I've been listening for three days so Choon of the Week's more appropriate.



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this is an absolute beaut - trillhouse posted it couple years ago as well

Manchester in the area.

This stuff doesn't seem to last on youtube for some reason.. :(

This one was reissued recently.

Bovel - Check 4 U


call me big papa

AM - The Hotspot (2020)

Sorry for the noise Ms Jackson, .44 corn come bigger than plankton
Gunshots round there is a anthem, man just know that it's one of the mandem
Coulda heard that corn in Croydon, Brixton, Wandsworth, Lewi or Camden
And I ain't gonna lie, one shot from the nine had most of your guys all planking