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Making a bit more headway with Suzanne Simard's book now. It's still a bit weird, in terms of how she writes. She kind of skirts around lots of biographical details so you end up wondering what's going on. Quite an awkward writer.

But she's now talking about some of her first proper research and it's getting interesting.

Specifically how she proved through loads of tests that a common forestry practice was not working in the way people supposed.

The forest companies were clearing smaller "understory" plants, shrubs and trees, like alders, in order to promote "free" growth of cash trees like pines.

But she showed that whilst this had an early positive effect, cos the smaller plants were talking water off the pines, over time the ones with other plants around them did better, cos they got nitrogen from them.

Im now at the part where she's presenting her findings to a very corporate male audience and they are losing their minds with her, cos of all the money tied up in fertilisers.


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From New Juche's very good book "Moutainhead" published 2017 by nine banded books.

I sleep for hours, waking after a melancholic dream. In the dream, my penis had grown into a tree, each vein and lump sprouting and growing into branches and boughs from which leaves blossom, and I pick the leaves at random and see the shapes I love written on them.

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