Addicted to Bass: Winter 2012.

Benny B

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Was into Let's Go Back (Cause & Affect Remix) off that addicted to bass comp though - jackin house.

The rest of the bass stuff on there sounded awful to me at the time, can't imagine it sounds much better now.

A proper dogs dinner of skrillexy wobble dubstep, stadium house and jump up drum n bass.


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I assign you the job of listening to it from start to finish. Report back to The Lads and tell us what you have learned.

Benny B

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this is really good in a way that nothing else they've ever done has come close to but I think that's all down to the vocalist more than anything
They had a nice little run - control, white noise and the remix of jessie ware Running. All over by the time the 1st album came out for me though.

I remember they inspired a lot of hatred at the time from people who were into post dubstep, so I felt inclined to defend them.


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ohhh mate that and annual 2011 I think were the most groundbreaking stuff I've stumbled upon in my life until Mary Anne Hobbs' compilations


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When Disclosure hit big was one of the first times I really became aware of not being young anymore. I was about 30 I think and I suddenly became aware of this whole generation who were into house music, had the same haircuts and clothes. Luka did a thread about them, the Rinse FM Pop generation. I was still just about young enough to join in on the sidelines. Now I've got absolutely no business inveigling myself in the hip new scene.