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Who'd have thunk it! Me posting a thread recommending other forums! Either some form of online-suicide or a sign of confidence in Dissensus, which just the other day had a massive 374 users online at the same time (slightly tragically eclipsing the previous number which was set rather morbidly when everyone came here looking at the announcement of Nick Kilroy's death, god bless him) In fact I was going to wait untill the end of our first year to post to post this, but what the feck.


Running this show has slowly put me in the frame of mind to enjoy the joys of Forum Life. The way we talk the only forum worth mentioning is:


But its not even as large as:

Dogs On Acid

which is " The busiest dance music forum in the world... specialising in drum and bass."

There are loads of boards specialising in Music which which dwarf the charmingly titled "Dogs on Acid."

Size isnt everything, but if you're interested take a look at these bastards!

or have a look at the currently active users on this board which uses the same software as Dissensus.

The philosphers amongst us may want to have a look at this monster

this one looks fun too.


I've come across a few interesting ones too which seems to share some common turf with Dissensus:

• There's the Viynl Vulture Forum run by the esteemed Sermad Buni, who is a member here.

• Also this place looks like it's a bit of fun Old School Anthems.

• Mention ought to be made of the RWD forums and UK Dance and Urban 75

All of these boards seem to cross-over to this patch slightly, but at the end of the day, I think this place has a character all of its own. It's quality 'seen'. It's THE BEST innit! ;)


Can you think of any other places that are good? I know everyone here probably uses a whole range of forums, some which they may feel are ona similar tip, others which cater for (raises eyebrow) more personal tastes. For instance I use these two this Maya forum and this place alot too.

john eden

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I'm reluctant to post on here because I'll be faced with the horrific reality of how much time I waste talking bollocks online.


Blood and Fire for reggae (mainly 70s roots revivalist)

dancehallreggae for, uh, dancehall (mainly 90s onwards ragga-ist)

C8 for breakcore, yardcore, speedcore and all that...


WOEBOT said:
All of these boards seem to cross-over to this patch slightly, but at the end of the day, I think this place has a character all of its own. It's quality 'seen'. It's THE BEST innit! ;)

This is the first discussion board I've been on really; after having a brief sift through these other boards I feel like I've been spoilt really. This forum has been really great for introducing me to new ideas, music, films books. It's changed my life! Sorry if thats a bit gushy, Just wanted to say thanks.


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I like the Discogs forum for finding out about the latest techno/house releases or for lists of obscure acid records and stuff like that. The discussion quality isn't all that high but that is typical. They are also really good for tune ID's (within the electronic genres).


john eden said:
I'm reluctant to post on here because I'll be faced with the horrific reality of how much time I waste talking bollocks online.
A place for sad old geeks like moi www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum where, amazingly, I'm "mod". Still, if you want to improve your vinyl replay capability there isn't anywhere better.
I used to hang out at http://forums.allboutjazz.com , but fell out with a particularly annoying mod / knowall
That's about it, really. I like this place, but usually feel out of my depth / age-group, and I still haven't found a really good forum (or any forum, for that matter) for the discussion of ethnographical recordings...


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i know this is going out on a weird tip but
(which recently came back up after a nasty hacker-induced crash)
contain probably some of the most lucid, comical, intelligent and forward-thinking talk about videogamezzz ever. and this is in the technology thread so no haterating.a little bit insular, but less so than nearly any other video-game discussion period, much less any other webforum.


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minikomi said:

the planet mu forum is one of the worst on web in terms software but alot of interesting info can be gleaned never the less. Quite famous peeps post on there too.

Obviously Urban75 is the uber-board for me but dissensus has a good character.


Two I've noticed are:

Pretty looking and seems quite intelligent but I've never been inspired enough to register. Am I missing anything?

Found this via my server stats. They had a long argumentative thread about the Wire Top 50 of 2006 that would have given us know-it-alls a run for our money. Except over there everyone was dumping on Burial and claiming that a certain Scott Walker was the more relevant option.

Also, does anyone know of a really good film forum that's not all about current mainstream stuff (IE: not opposed to it but somewhat beyond, say, the Rotten Tomatoes forum)?
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http://forums.hipinion.com/ is a hellish pit of dispair but there are some extremely knowledgeable folx in there that i miss from time to time

it started off as the forum for pitchforkmedia.com and then they splintered off when pfm pulled the plug
they have two different ryan pitchfork emoticons right under the quick reply window


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Barbelith you have to get recommended to join...
Well I got "recommended", but they *still* didn't want me... After some sort of gruelling group evaluation checking out my posts on another bb (which unfortunately for me at that time had temporarily degenerated into in-jokes with another poster, and brief mentions about depression) :slanted:
- Anyway, it felt kind of unfriendly- first getting asked to apply, then get the door slammed shut in your face... But I'm sure they had their reasons, I'm not exactly Einstein- but, come on... :eek: And the poster inviting me wasn't a mod there, so he couldn't do anything about it...