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The first of the modern fishing films, shot in the wild panorama of 1970s Key West. Colorful scenes of Key West from another era - with treasure hunters, smugglers, hippies and eccentrics - are background to stunning cinematography and tarpon fishing at its finest. Authors, Richard Brautigan, Tom McGuane and Jim Harrison join with legendary flats guides, Woody Sexton, Gil Drake and Steve Huff.



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I love when fish hire corporate strategists and PR agencies to undergo a rebranding. The past few years has seen the arrival of branzino on restaurant menus here, never heard of it before that. Apparently it was called European bass, maybe nationalist Americans wouldn't go for that.

Chilean sea bass used to be Patagonian Toothfish, yeah can see how that might not be appealing. Mahi mahi was dolphinfish, no one wants to eat Flipper. I'm sure there are others.