Reality not so much 'fake' as being scripted by Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci - examples

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Not sure even Morris has made a joke this fucked up - KFC in Germany sent out a notification to customers advertising a special deal to 'commemorate' Reichspogromnacht - better known in English as Kristallnacht.


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This is quite good a good piece about the 'cartoonification' of politics, the rise of meme-based fascism, the madness of Ye, and a few other things.

People like to talk about the “epistemological crisis” brought about by the Internet, but sometimes it feels more like an ontological crisis, a rend in the very fabric of being itself, as if we are on the verge of entering a Who Framed Roger Rabbit-world where cartoons will walk among us. A game-show host billionaire president beloved by Nazis living in a dark tower with his name stamped on it in Midtown? A Black rapper turned Hitler-lover? An army of electronic trolls” that use frogs and toads as their ensign? It’s all getting so stylized as to approach caricature.

People register this sense of reality-breakdown all the time in different ways: following the news, it’s become cliché to speak of an invisible writers’ room composing a kind of show.


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A clip's come out of Ye, Fuentes and others behind the scenes of the InfoWars appearance and the tone's completely different to what we saw on the show. They're planning out the stuff with the net and Kanye says he's gonna let Fuentes and some other guy use his Twitter and tweet stuff.

If the whole thing's an act then that might be more nuts than if he's just a lunatic.



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he seems pretty clear-eyed, calculated, calm. maybe as opposed to being mentally ill, he's just a vile fucker who knows exactly what he's doing, is doing it intentionally, and enjoying it.