Twitter style and tone


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a lot of these seem to hinge on a sort of re-appropriation of insecurity markers. like the excessive qualifying of whatever the actual content of the tweet is done in this affected manner. what is that about?


Marcus Rashford did one of those "that's it, that's the tweet" ones but I love him so I forgive it. Plus he probably didn't write it.


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isn't it odd that there's so much explicit porn on twitter? this has been banned on every other social media platform no?

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"Dear white people/men/white men/white women/straight allies/liberals/Biden voters/Harry Potter fans/yoga enthusiasts..."


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trying to subverse the mentioned style and tone while extending my very scarce serious english writing capabilities

not the most insane digs (mostly dad avant electronics plus a freshie here and there) and it's not a post per day basis but every once in a while I'll remember about it and post something
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