Twitter style and tone


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I think hardly anything on twitter can upset me as much as discovering the sex doll instagram bubble


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I'm gonna need a link because I'm not googling that
an account of a doll commenting under those picture or a real person doing so, not sure which option is more unsettling

Mr. Tea

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Mr. Tea said:

"an informal alliance of left-wing activists and business titans"


Muu-uum!!! The communists and the capitalists are ganging up on me again!
See, this is how to win at Twitter. Copy this style if you want to be awesome and beat everyone you encounter.

Thanks for bringing it to the class's attention, luka.
Do you tweet linebaugh? Can you sum up the kinds of considerations and assessments and self checks you make before you do?
Me neither. I do follow people so I curate a feed and I entertain he though of becoming a twitter celebrity but I’m afraid I’ll start thinking in tweets, living in tweets, a massive possibly pointless attention suck
The other thing is you eventually develop this character within these platforms, your twitter self, and I always end up hating whatever version of myself and am tempted to destroy it
Maybe thats part of it, treating it as more of an identity game, whereas I tend to use my own name and present as a version of myself that i eventually dont like and abandon.