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bandz ahoy


I was thinking I hadn't seen Version for ages.... turns out I had him on ignore. Oops. Sorry.
Just let me make this as explicit and clear as I possibly can. I did not intend this to happen in any way. Clearly I accidentally pressed one of the buttons, or, more likely, one of the fucking cats walked on my unguarded laptop and trod on the ignore icon or whatever (they do have an incredible ability to press things that annoy the hell out of me, they're always putting it in weird modes that you'd think would require a combination of several keys in sequence to achieve - turning the keyboard off or making the mouse go backwards or whatever. I honestly don't know how they manage to be so randomly destructive - like that time when they mounted a sustained and concentrated campaign of terrifying hate mail threatening all kinds of brutal physical torture to one of my ex-girlfriends for example, I still don't know how they did that simply by walking on the keyboard and rubbing their head on the function keys).
It was an accident, I know that ultimately they are my cats, and within my jurisdiction, but I can't be held responsible can I? Surely I don't deserve the red angry face - that response seems way too harsh, completely disproportionate in fact. I would only use that for the most serious and heinous of transgressions, not a a minor error for which the perpetrator has held up his hands and was just this moment (possibly considering) apologising profusely on his hands and knees. Man, the red angry face? I'm physically shaking, I feel sick. And this attack backed up by other people putting the laughing icon and others... now I understand what it's like to be on the receiving end of an internet pile-on, the innocent victim of a self-righteous mob baying for blood. I think I'm gonna have to take the day off work tomorrow... try and build myself back up to a position where hopefully I can once more look at faces without being reminded of this terrible moment.


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Was sampled by Dean blunt is how I came to hear it.

And most of that Dean blunt tune is a fairly straight version of this Mary J Blige tune

I don't know if version will like the Mary J Blige one though.


Deafening silence from Version... no forgiveness, the curse of the baleful red death mask will remain.
Perhaps I put him in ignore again by accident. Hmm, guys, can anyone confirm, is Version going frantic with posts going "Rich, Rich it was an accident, you're forgiven of course, I love you really"?


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you're screwed, rich. version said he wants nothing to do with you, sorry to hear.
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