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Manchester compendium from return to zero lads

ha, ordered that a few days ago. I wasn't crazy about the first "sports" comp, a little too noisy (which I like but...), this one has a different vibe. lots of good stuff on that Youth label.

what's Return to Zero?


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I think return to zero is a sort of umbrella for turinn, fumu, sockethead, maybe Andrew lyster and herron as well. So the youth label is sort of adjacent. I'm not sure on the specifics tbh but if you like that comp, you will prob like some of their shows.

Fumu in particular is the one I've got the most time for, I saw him do a live set at the white hotel and it's these sort of live workout/edits that put me in mind of delroy Edwards and Lord tusk/John t gast, that sort of heavy chugging working of a simple line.
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I have a few things on YOUTH but want to explore more.

I love the Ssiege album "Fading Summer", a different sound for the label:

The second Hoshina Anniversary album is cool:

Also happened to get a copy of the Sin Falta 7". Was in a store when it came out and liked the sound of it, now goes for 40+ pounds on discogs: