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hi dissensus.

first post here, just discovered that forum through silver dollar circle the number one blog for grime.

I though i would promote my web radioshow in hurr. it's a bit weird but it's froouueeeeesh as fuck.

ciao ao ao


Radioclit5: My tits are too big

Hosted by Johan (Stacs Of Stam,) and Infinite Livez (Big Dada)
Mixed by Tron

Wassup motherfuckas we’re back with a full hour of radio clitness. This time we have our first official guest, since legendary uk don Infinite Livez has blessed us with his presence and bwooy the dude know how to freestyle. Proper freestyle I mean, not just claiming pre written verses. I got nothing against doing that shit, but there should just be another word for it. Like at one point the sampler fell off the table and that was enough to trigger 10 minutes of lyrical madness from Inf. Big up to him, Shadowless and the Big Dada Sound, those are the true UK Freestyle Kings.
Anyway the show is recorded live, and contains far too much rewinds, bad beat juggles, crap talking and sampler noises but fuck it this is not the fuckin FM and we do just whatever we feel like doing and we play the craziest shit. This is how it goes…

Red Foley Mississippi
Check out for my country mixtape soon in yo ass

Cee Lo One For The Road
From the great Cee Lo Green & His Perfect Imperfections LP. We love the dude and his singaling flow and that’s why we played next

Goodie Mob Cell Therapy
A bonafide classic from Cee Lo and his buddies

Diplo Radiohead/Lil Flip edit
Can’t remember the name of that edit but it’s pure heat. Also check for his TV On The Radio edit that will probably end up in the next radioclit show.

Devin’s medley
Heavy medley opening the last album of His Dudiness.

8Ball & MJG “in the club” Swishahouse edit
screwed and chopped version of one of the stand out track from the classic Space Age 4 Eva

Krayzie Bone Getchu Twisted
One of the dudes from Bone Thugs & Harmony comes back with a crazy Lil Jon produced new single. That’s a crap mp3 I’m playing, can’t wait to get hold of some wax on this one.

Dizzee Rascal Graftin
We listen to this track minimum 3 times a day up in the Clapton studio. East London stand up!!

Freestyle over Wonder’s What Have You Done
I hope this track produced originally for Kano will end up on his forthcoming album for 679 Records. Wonder is an ex-Roll Deep producer as I heard. Best grime white label in ages…

Deftones My Own Summer (Shove It)
Big ED feat Demon & Bruza The Rush
As soon as I heard Big ED sampling Deftones for The Rush I realised how cool they actually were. I’m feelin a hardcore revival soon. Go get your Korn records damnit

AC/DC Riff Raff
My favorite track from the dudes. I can rock any party with that shit… almost.

Freestyle over a Jamma beat.
I got this unreleased beat from Jamma himself when we met him in his studio last time Diplo was in London.He was working with this 16 year old girl called Miss Beatz and her stuff really blew our mind, in a Diplomats meet Grime way. Jamma’s developing a lot of young artists right now, he’s like the official street A&R.

ZZ Top Gimme All Your Lovin
The real kings of the South

Grauzone Eisbar
Francophone people, the singer on this track is Stephan Eicher, Belieeeeve dat. Good shit though.

Paul Mc Cartney Temporary Secretary
No words can describe how big this tune is.

Eurythmics Sweet Dreams
David Banner feat Lil Flip Bout Our Money

I stole this routine from Diplo. The banner track was given to him by Banner himself as few years ago, diplo played it all over the world and now it;’s about to become Banner’s next official single apparently. That’s how big Diplo is nowadays hehe.

Freestyle over Lipps Inc ‘Funky Town”
Suck a dick if you think this tune is corny

2 Live Crew Throw The Dick (dub version)
real slow bass music, just the way I like it.

Britney Spears Toxic (durty south rmx)
If you know who produced this unofficial remix holla at ur boy

Mike Jones Got It Sowed Up
A true Radioclit fav, one of the best track I heard from the Swishahouse studios.

R. Kelly Ignition Remix
I’m in a R. Kelly mood these days, need to check his old stuff.

Diplo feat Vybz Cartel Baby
Out now on Big Dada records. Is it dancehall, bounce? No one is able to say, but you won’t hear any sicker riddim this year. Also check the Baile funk version on the same 12”.

8Ball & MJG Buck Bounce
another tune from Space Age 4 Eva, with a killer beat from Dj Quick.

Stacs Of Stamina feat TTC “Donne Moi Un Poisson”
Cause that’s the golden rule: at least one stacs of stam track until they’re as big as Abba.

RadioClit JusaClub
A bootleg of TTC ‘in the club” and Dizzee Rascal “Jus a Rascal”. I already played that shit but I think this blend still fuckin rocks months after months. Para One is the next producer to blow out of France.

Velvet Underground Sweet Nothin (RadioClit edit)
A little snippet from my forthcoming screwed and chopped white punkass cowboy mixtape.

One-Two 10am
Cause that’s the golden rule: at least one One-Two track in each show until they’re as big as Air+Daft Punk

Skip James Devil Got My Woman
From the Ghost World soundtrack. That film is genius.

captain easychord

that banner /eurythmics 12" kils it whenever i play it out, big tune.