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I felt a bit remebrance-y this morning I don't know why. I used to be very militantly anti and had a massive argument about it one time.

Maybe cos I moved to an area where there are some older people.

Maybe cos pandemic.

Maybe cos you can think of it more broadly now. I had a big argument with my history teacher in secondary school as well, who used to give out sweets if you wore a poppy.


Completely randomly i had an online meeting with a peace group in Germany this morning - felt like a much better way to spend my time than tokenistic virtue signallling support for the already absolutely minted RBL




Cat Malogen
Typical Hun cuntery

How do you flummox a Gers fan? Ask them to choose between either Scotland or the Queen

Seriously, they pause for about 5seconds, slowly realise every out is a trap, half get their words out and repeat the question back “what, the Queen OR Scotland?“. Aye youse red white and blue Hun cunts, get to fuck