Checking in w Sufi


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o boy what a joy, how ya been keeping? x weird times

so lovely to see you back here, we've been keeping it warm for you
haha, whew. it's been a wild, seat o' the pants bleeding edge time
since 'last seen' 2011.
iteration after iteration

how are you ?


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haha, whew. it's been a wild, seat o' the pants bleeding edge time
since 'last seen' 2011.
iteration after iteration

how are you ?
" ... how ya been keeping? x weird times "

If i can riff on a bit here in reply.
Weird times - the strangest days ever seen.
Since 2011 tons happened, alot was attempted, some success and the world did change. Since 'last seen' here on Dissensus, things were fully in the re issue > reform > record new work mode that was kicked off when Troubleman did re issue Death Comet Crew in 2003. By 2011 - '12 we had worked this 3 stage process w DCC, Ike Yard, Dominatrix, toured Europe i think 5 X, from Venice Bienalle w The Rammellzee to Ike's first Euro shows ( London @ Johnny Mugwup pre Neon Hospice ), Dom @ DJ Hell and first releases on Rec ( big thanks Leo, happy nod Luka ).

This cat Kiran from Blackest Ever Black got Black Rain back in the frame next.
Ike wrapped live shows @ Japan & @ Berlin Atonal 2014,
same time the records kept coming.
We had reformed 2x over the course of the 9 years since Acute's fine reintroduction of the group, but Atonal marked the end of ' live '.

By 2013 BR was invited to join Cut Hands on a tour of W Coast,
marking a first trip out there since 1990's and Cali became destination prime for the next 5 years or so.
Having some experience from the start of internet to the boom of late '90's
, there seemed to be - and still is a rather huge opportunity there in 'cyberspace'
and i went for it. I call it ' Platform X ' and it's big.
It didn't happen- at least not yet. Many factors are now even more in favor of my dev., but i didn't mix w the Valley $ people.
Water met Oil.
That whole game - like many ( all ? ) is / are old.

Sufi, your write up about COVID thoughts while shopping , among other's accounts of similar disconnected sentiments flashed me back to Feb. 2020.
NYC was flattened by COVID deaths by March into April.
I mean death was outside the damn door, 400 -500 dying per day.
One afternoon i was looking out over city and felt a wave of it hit me.
For those who snort at 'double masking', we wish ya well and hope you not get sic. Some who do still have difficulty living, breathing months after getting it.
So why not feel safer when one is actually out and about.
Out and about like when the George Floyd protests began ...

From the 'umbrella man' up in Minn. to the white guy my man Mark C shot on Broadway & Great Jones after he broke a big shop window , we never saw white power types in our city, trying to incite, paving the way for some to loot or leaving piles of bricks on street corners.
From pick up trucks w out of state tags no less.
Or handing out key fobs for citibank bikes to a group of non white kids down on Canal Street and telling them "You have until 8, GO DO DAMAGE"
This was a pretty hairy time.

City called an 11 PM curfew exactly one day too late.
Night before , any and almost all little shops across 14th. St. ( one of the big streets crossing Manhattan ) got hit that one night.
Some like Target really got hit , someone organized that but it was too sad to see the small Chinese cleaners get hit, i mean wtf ?
But it was understandable , things had to break and those effects still ring.
I stood on the corner of 20th w 2 security guards from our Apt. complex the next morning as we surveyed the blacked out store fronts, glass crunching as we walked and swore to keep an eye out for each other.

Solitude, death in the air - literally, the Missus at work on Tokyo,
books became refuge. Burned through them two or more a week,
changed the brain and came out the other side !

2021 ? much uncertainty, shifting outlook and good to see today COVID is down in parts of US and in UK.
The variants bear watching ... and WHO didn't exactly get all the info on their trip to Wuhan did they ?