Culture Decay's Micro - Colony


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Brief sessions over 2 winters grew some fruit ...
There was a good review in Jan. The Wire @ Size Matters

Bryon Coley The Wire Size Matters Jan.
Micro -Colony

Cool new electronics duo from SA whose probably known best for his work with Ike Yard and Death Comet Crew, but who I rate for his first generation DC punk band The Rudements and then the no wavey NYC trio The Futants.
The sound here is somewhat beat based, in a way that makes me think of some early less aggressive moves by Melbourne's Phillip Brophy.
But Culture Decay also have a way of piling and layering fairly quotidian musical elements that create something quite weird
(not unlike early 1980's Cabaret Voltaire ) with a real howling howler of a closing track. BC

To be sure , the duo is / was in fact SA ( beats , electronics, voc. ) and
Alex Hing x S African native ( electronics, vocals, co prod ), also of Mother Sky