Should pronouns be compulsory here, going forward?

Should pronouns be compulsory here, going forward?

  • Fuck "it"

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  • He/Crusty sock

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yeah I'm all for people picking their pronouns but also not feeling forced to pick a pronoun if they don't want to, not everyone has it figured out or wants to

This starts to get interesting, can we take it beyond Hmgs bad faith question

if you’re gonna appreciate the anonymity of the internet and how it lets us ‘try out’ and how it also accelerates the fragmentation of self.. taking that line we might say we shouldn’t feel compulsed to disclose any personal info, and then ... is it ok for anyone to assume any identity at any time no matter who they are, even fleetingly... when might it not be ok? who decides


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this one is so spursy. comes in fizzing grungey electronics (like kane/son) and you expect it to notch the kick 10 levels harder after that and speed the tempo with some clanging industrial claps and high hats but instead it totally bottles it and goes into an epic breakdown. So spursy.