"sickest, most insane sonics" guitar music edition


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Personally I think a sin binning would be more proportional but I've got Craner and Corpsey baying for blood here


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still waiting for the dad avant garde electronics week, unless it's already happened.
something like that happened a while back. imo, needs to happen again and go further.


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Putting this in 'cos

a) I put it in Choon of the Day and none of you cunts appreciated it bar Pattycakes

b) it has strong phallic ejaculator moves even though he's on a bass.

c) Bootsy is better than everyone else in this thread



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Once heard Exithippies described as "if Confuse replaced their amps with vacuum cleaners". All their stuff is great but their final fusion of crust-punk and acid house is extremely diseased: