Shutka Book of Records



Here in Shutka, we hold an annual competition in cassettes to determine who has the most, the best and the oldest Turkish songs and singers.

The lovers of Turkish music are divided into 2 camps. The first camp fronted by Uncle Jashar, drinks only juice and is totally focussed on the lyrics and the clarity of sound. The other camp is fronted by Uncle Fejm They claim they have to drink a bit of alcohol in order to connect emotionally with Turkish Music. They like to drink and get wasted and fall into a coma.

Winning the trophy in Shutka means more than winning the World Cup in soccer. The contestants try to turn up the volume as high as possible to demonstrate the clarity of the recording. The contestants score points when their choice of music compells the audience to dance. Highest points are awarded if you can make the audience weep. Then they call you an ace.


This film completely knocked me for six when I saw it, I'd actually just started buying some Turkish psych stuff and then I'm watching this random film and there are Turkish tape soundclah battle things and I was like, is this real? Am I imagining things or is God taking the piss out of me or what?
@DannyL you must have watched it around the same time right?
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