his name is al-kat abu abdulah القط ابوعبدالله

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some phrases are kind of standard like ya lel ya leil means oh the night, then there are generally lot of shout outs and so on, so a lot of it is spontaneous but wthin some sort of framework i reckon, it's not a track though that is like one actual song, at least not until it gets recorded
early in that video the guy sitting next to the singer berates someone "hey do you want to sleep?"

here he is at home and in the fields,

giving thanks and praise and talking about his work - loads more of his tunes in the recommends



is this the right thread for

anyone know more like? it's a mad one
well it's egyptian shaabi,
sounds kinda like islam chipsy
i havent heard of mostafa basit before - i guess he's a keyboarder and seems a bit more chill than some of the really manic mahragan shaabi style
loads more on yt & catch him on fb live by the look of it
tx fr posting that :)