gimmie your best/worst: UK hip hop/rap


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Skitz - Fingerprints Of The God (ft Roots Manuva, Phi Life Cypher, Skelton)

MC Mell'O' - Melloizdaman

Phi-Life Cypher - Drop Bombs

The mid 90s to early 00s stuff suffers from being fucking dull tbh


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Regional UK Rap - Ruthless Rap Assassins representing Hulme, Manchester - MC Kermit went on to form Black Grape with Shaun Ryder after the Happy Mondays split - some nice vintage footage of the Hulme Crescents, now demolished, in this video

Ruthless Rap Assassins - And It Wasn't A Dream



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More regional rap - Krispy 3 were from Chorley near Bolton, Lancashire I think, but got associated with Manchester

Krispy 3 - We Don't Go Pop Like Bubblegum



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Blak Twang - Rotten (I fucking hate this song so much)

Mark B actually came into the record store i worked in as a young teen, lovely chap he was, he put me on the guestlist for the show he was doing with Blade that evening. After listening to the section from their new album i pretty much never bothered looking in the UK Hip Hop section of record shops again. Keep in mind that Ludacris - What's Your Fantasy was being played at commercial hip hop nights, and at the underground ones you basically had to endure 85-100bpm beats all night, if they even bothered going above 95bpm. Slowly shuffling around, with your hoodie up, smoking weed, no women in the club, all the men gasfacing each other. UK Hip Hop deserved it's fate.


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The instrumental of this is one of the foundations of Baltimore Club...:

...and the instrumental of this is one of the foundations of New Orleans Bounce:


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Random thought - about the early stuff - I'm surprised how little influence there is from rare groove and funk, bearing in mind how big that was in London. The only thing that actually swings is that Mighty Ethnicz track I posted. Most of it is PE influenced shouting over relentless breaks. London Posse a rare exception. I guess you have to respect sticking to the micro-genre formula.


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Yeah. The default for a lot of UKHH is "serious business". Perhaps as a pre-emptive defence against being accused of not being "real" or whatever? So in the late 80s / early 90s that meant shouting over sinister offkey strings and breakneck drums. Then in the mid-90s it transformed into that flatlining, monotonous detatched rap style over boom bap and stayed there for a decade.

There's the odd upbeat party track out there.