🌙 🦇 How Smoked Salmon is destroying our minds 🍣🧠


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I think also having good relationships with all kinds of different people will break up the instafilter/beauty tyranny also. Not completely but the more you hang around with ordinary mates the more you appreciate different kinds of beauty I think and value more than looks. Fucking hippy that I am.
I think also to be able to say something about living differently, new ways of relating, would give a bit of optimism. That video - its more of the world's cruelty but its compounded and made worse by the inevitability attached to it - nothing will change. I'm sure he feels like this as well, thus the frustration.


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Have to say, the thumbnail for that Monbiot vid makes him look psychotic. I guess he's trying to emulate the right-wing clickbait vids and work the algorithm.


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It obviously doesn't work for food and some other things, but buying stuff secondhand where possible seems like an easy and practical step in the right direction.

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there are also positive actions to do of course like picking up litter and putting potatoes in car exhaust pipes
I catch you sneaking around the back of my car with a King Edward in hand and I'll tan your hide, young man!

100% with you on the litter thing, though.


@sufi did you see seaspiracy? dodgy but still interesting

no, it sounds a bit sensationalist (and we don't have netflix!) maybe that is tactical to create publicity, but you don't need to look far to find degraded habitats :( i think sometimes it's good to explain where the fish fingers come from - draw attention to the invisible supply chain, but at the same time that can elevate it to be bit like a theoretical debate which can be kept at a distance