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Like the sound of it, and I'd be happy to give feedback, at whatever point. If I come across any similar/relevant projects, I'll mention them here. Tezos seems to be culturally territorializing around gaming and art, but perhaps it's too early to say if those will be its strengths.

Good to have woman-oriented services and content in this space. Bit blokey thus far.


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First on CNN: US recovers millions in cryptocurrency paid to Colonial Pipeline ransomware hackers

...behind the scenes, the company had taken early steps to notify the FBI and followed instructions that helped investigators track the payment to a cryptocurrency wallet used by the hackers, believed to be based in Russia. US officials have linked the Colonial attack to a criminal hacking group known as Darkside that is said to share its malware tools with other criminal hackers.

FBI director Christopher Wray: "I don't want to suggest that this is the norm, but there have been instances where we've even been able to work with our partners to identify the encryption keys, which then would enable a company to actually unlock their data — even without paying the ransom," he said.

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Personally I think a lot of the technology that was meant to be decentralising the qoels- or whatever the theory is- has already become outdated and that includes current crypto iterations

It will be the truly anonymous coin that ends up being worth the amount most people thought BTC would, or the one that is perceived as anonymous at least.

This doesn't help people's failing crypto portfolios (or mine, though I have cashed out several times over the years), but that's what you get when you think drug market tokens will change the world I guess